How To Choose An Appropriate Business Around A University

University is a very open space for various opportunities. Actually apart from learning. Some people find it as a potential market for their goods and services, others find it as a getaway to showcase their talents to the world and some other things. So, all I want to talk about is the part of business and marketing. To start a business inside the university or around the premises, there are two things that majorly matter; the customers and the type of business.

Starting a business does not require much; so long as you have the capital. But you have to choose your business considering the type of customers you are going to deal with. In our case, it’s the students. Let me explain in details how to start a successful business around a university.

Your Target Market is the Students

This is straight. The bigger part of a university consists of students, then the staff. University students are majorly youths aged between 16 years to 35 and as a businessperson, you need to figure out what can be sold mostly to this group of people. What I mean is that you have to understand the life of a young adult and figure out the type of products they consume or use mostly. That is basically where you will start.

Identify any Shortage Around the University

This is the part where you conduct a thorough research on other businesses, ask questions and identify any insufficiencies. You can ask students what they don’t see being sold around the school and probably might be necessary. The research is very important because it will help reduce the number of competitors for your business, and it also helps you develop a quick idea for you’re a business.

Of Course, Your Startup Capital

Before you can even think of starting your business, you should have figured out that it needs some amount of money, not little – that can fund a cool birthday party. In fact, this is what will determine whether you will have a business running or your fantasies still hitting. The capital that you have will help determine an appropriate business that can incorporate it.

Consultation and Sharing of Opinions

Remember, this is so different from identifying a business gap or research on insufficiencies. This is more like after you have identified different business ideas, and since you can’t conduct all of them, you will need to decide on the best one. Making a decision for the best one won’t be a walk on the park. It needs consultation from different people, especially your lecturers – the ones that teach business related courses. You should always consult while giving your opinions too so that someone does force you to do what you thought would be least on your list.

Check on Your Competitors’ Performance

So that you don’t mislead yourself to a ditch, you first need to determine what bad would people say – the type of people you are dealing with. Not that competitors are bad people, it is just important to understand what they are capable of, the values they bring in and the type of marketing techniques they use. This way, you can see the best business that when you choose on, you can try and keep your marketing game a little bit higher than your competitors. A business that you can be a big fish on.


Starting a business around a university is something very useful in so many ways. It helps you put your learning into practice – that is if you are taking a business-related course, it also helps you gain professional skills on business administration and it may be a plan B for your success. Now, to make the plan B part successful, you need to read on the best marketing techniques you should use.

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